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Fireflies of Madness

It seemed simple, going crazy, but truth be told, it took years for my madness to make a formal introduction to my unsuspecting mind. The years that followed were filled with broken dreams and rearranged hopes, along with lots of baby steps to stability. I’ve flirted with death, danced with mania and realized that change is imperative to my survival. All the while my fireflies of madness raged on.

My Cranky Bits

Although I had left the mental hospital declared  “better,” the only true word to describe my mental health was lost. I had lost my job, was struggling to change and all around cranky at my situation. Furthermore, I knew deep down my madness wears “better” like a loose skirt, easily removed. The months that followed were uncomfortable at best, yet somehow I found my compass and my way back to my true self, madness included.